I know that Great Person of the brightness of the sun beyond the darkness.
Only by knowing him one goes beyond death.
There is no other way to go.
— Svetasvatara Upanishad


Dom Bede's Legacy of Contemplative Theology is apparent in Prior Cyprian Consiglio of New Camaldoli Hermitage at Lucia Bay - Big Sur, CA


From the Preface:

"The most important thing is to find peace and share it with others.”

                                                                                    ~ Thich Nhat Hahn

Cyprian is succint in his representation of the Contemplative Life. He demonstrates here in the Preface of "Prayer in the Cave of the Heart" how people are to approach the cultivation of contemplative practice in order to find peace and share it.


1.      The spiritual experience shows that the contemplative life comes from the direct experience of the God of Love as the center of one’s being.

2.      A contemplative’s true vocation ultimately is to convey people to an experience of interiority, an experience of the indwelling presence of God.

3.      Commitment to daily practice is essential; it is the foundation of conscious living.





1. Promoting the awareness and practice of contemplative prayer...

by helping people to be more receptive of the Divine Presence, Fr. Bede believed, that the call to contemplation is universal. Contemplative practice and experience will, in turn, nurture a spirit of peace and compassion among the peoples of the earth.


2. Continuing the pioneering work of Father Bede...

in the area of interreligious dialogue. This too, he understood, is crucial for the peace of the world and the future of our global family.


3. Disseminating Fr. Bede's vision in various ways...

through making available the books, articles and recordings of Bede and other spiritual teachers, through retreats and contemplative prayer groups, through operation of the Bede Griffiths website and publication of The Golden String bulletin.


4. Furthering the ongoing life of Shantivanam...

Fr. Bede's Ashram in Southern India, and supporting the Ashram’s projects on behalf of the poor in the surrounding villages. The life of the spirit – contemplative life – must be integrated, Bede taught, with the social and economic life of the larger human community.