Videos of Bede Griffiths

A Human Search: The Life of Bede Griffiths

When Parallels Meet: 1979 on CBS

Man’s Religious Quest: 1976

Interview with Dora Kuntz: 1983 – Theosophical Society

Formation and Transformation: 1983

Bede Griffiths in Australia: 1985

Interview with Sam Keen: December 1990

Wisdom of a Prophet – The New Vision of Reality 1992

Exploring the Christian Hindu Dialogue with Russill Paul

Search for Spirituality: 1992

Sadhana: Back to the Source – Path to Enlightenment 1993

History and Interpretation of the Bible: 1993

Bede Griffiths Funeral Ceremonies May 1993, Shantivanam, India

Mosaic Interview, 1991 with Dr Hugh Burroughs

Discovering the Feminine, Synthesis Dialogues with Dalai Lama

Fr. Bede Griffiths talks about how exploring other religions can enhance the faith you practice. If people can learn to simplify their lives, look beyond reality to the mystery, they can be closer to God. This clip is the courtesy of the National Council of Churches from their film “Search for Spirituality.”

Bede Griffith interview.