About The Bede Griffiths Trust

The Bede Griffiths Trust organization was founded on 7 September, 1992. Before his death Fr. Bede founded a Trust to oversee and have care for his publications, manuscripts and tapes. The trust also includes his spiritual vision- especially the encouragement and support of the renewal of contemplative life throughout the world. The Trust has established, on various continents, study and meditation centers. His books and publications are available at these centers as well as online These centers, above all, are where his commitment to contemplative prayer can be experienced.

The Bede Griffiths Association for the Renewal of Contemplative Life (BGARCL) is composed of several advisors who oversee the maintenance of the integrity of the Trust along with upholding the vision of Fr. Bede.

The Trust archives are housed at The GTU in Berkeley, CA.

The Trust has no endowment and welcomes any and all gifts and asks for support of prayer. A 501 (C ) 3 status has been established for non-profit tax deductions.

The Association promotes small contemplative prayer groups with contact persons familiar with Bede Griffiths teachings to further the renewal of contemplative life in the world. Contacts are listed on this website.


1. Promoting the awareness and practice of contemplative prayer
by helping people to be more receptive of the Divine Presence, Fr. Bede believed, that the call to contemplation is universal. Contemplative practice and experience will, in turn, nurture a spirit of peace and compassion among the peoples of the earth.

2. Continuing the pioneering work of Father Bede
in the area of interreligious dialogue. This too, he understood, is crucial for the peace of the world and the future of our global family.

3. Disseminating Fr. Bede’s vision in various ways

  • through making available the books, articles and recordings of Bede and other spiritual teachers,
  • through retreats and contemplative prayer groups,
  • through operation of the Bede Griffiths website and publication of The Golden String bulletin.

4. Furthering the ongoing life of Shantivanam
Fr. Bede’s Ashram in Southern India, and supporting the Ashram’s projects on behalf of the poor in the surrounding villages. The life of the spirit – contemplative life – must be integrated, Bede taught, with the social and economic life of the larger human community.

Active Members

  • Rev. Dr. Meath Conlan (Perth, Australia)
  • John Paul Douglas (Dallas, TX)
  • Fr. Cyprian Consiglio, OSB Cam.
  • Br. John Martin, OSB Cam. (Shantivanam, South India)
  • Br. Ivan Nicoletto, OSB Cam. (Berkeley, CA)
  • Dr. Michael von Brueck (Germany)